Hi! i'm Annie

I'm an artist from Bocholt, Belgium. Since I've been able to hold a pencil I've never stopped drawing and painting. It became a passion and I decided to build a life around that passion. In 2013 I received my mastersdegree as an animator and a year later I got my teacher certification. Now, I teach artclasses at school and I combine this with making daily art and working on commissioned pieces. 

I consider my work relatively diverse. I mainly work digital in Adobe Photoshop or with Procreate on my Ipad, but I also make traditional art with colorpencils and waterpaint. The main topic for my art are 'the ladies'. I'm inspired by strong, gorgeous women everyday and I feel like I can paint them for a lifetime. 

Services & skills

Let me bring some color to your life

Are you interested in some art? Let me help you with that. Maybe you would like to give a digital or traditional portrait as a gift for a special occasion. All my art can be printed on canvas, paper, wood or even glass ! That's a fancy gift !


 Maybe you're looking for someone to design a logo or branding for your company with a great sense of color and shapes. Together we can make your company POP! Let's get started.

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